Q: What is Mobile Macaw?

Q: Are all of your displayed products in stock?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you provide pick up?
A: No.

Q: How much does the delivery cost?
A: S$2.00.

Q: When will you fulfil my package?
A: By 10:00 am daily. (The following day if an order is placed after that time).

Q: When will I receive my package?
A: 2 days* after the fulfilment day. (See here)

Q: How will you pack my tempered glass(es)?

Via bubble wrap and cardboards.

Q: Can you show me how to paste the tempered glass?

Q: Do you provide any means of proof of you mailing out my package?
A:  Yes. We will record a video of us mailing your package out via Singapore Post mailbox and send it to your given contact number via WhatsApp.

Q: What is/are the accepted payment method(s)?
A: Bank deposit and Pay Now.

Q: Does your website auto-deduct the payment from me upon checking out?
A: No. You have to manually transfer the total amount displayed, to our respective payment details after the checkout process.

Q: Do you require a proof of purchase?
A: Yes. Send a screenshot of the transferred amount to our WhatsApp number @ 8893 1783.

Q: Do you sell your items in bulk at wholesale prices?

Yes. Send an email to info@mobilemacaw.com.

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